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The Full Story


Raffinée Cosmetics, founded by Mary Ann, is the culmination of over 12 years of experience in the makeup industry. Mary Ann's dream was to create a brand that not only enhances beauty but empowers women, instilling self-confidence. In 2018, she launched Raffinée, meaning 'refined' in French, as a beacon of hope, Her mission extended beyond personal empowerment; it became a platform to support a cause deeply meaningful to her. After gaining invaluable leadership experience at a top luxury makeup brand, Mary Ann redirected her focus toward advocating for women affected by domestic abuse and violence. During a period of transition, she dedicated her time to volunteering in women's shelters and outreach programs, solidifying her commitment to the cause. Raffinée Cosmetics offers a meticulously crafted line of products,  Our cosmetics are formulated without parabens, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly, ensuring high-quality, long-lasting wear that's both safe and comfortable. Each product bears a name that serves as a reminder - that beauty emanates from within, ignited by a belief in one's own essence. Mary Ann's extensive expertise, spanning cosmetics manufacturing to managing a global luxury makeup brand, is a cornerstone of Raffinée. Her specialization in natural, radiant, and timeless makeup application, coupled with a profound knowledge of skincare, enriches the company's offerings. With Raffinée, beauty is not just skin deep; it's a celebration of inner strength and self-belief.



Our mission is clear: to empower women through our clean, affordable luxury expertly formulated makeup. We aim to inspire confidence and foster a sense of community, where every woman recognizes her ability to make a positive impact on others. By looking and feeling good, we believe we can uplift and empower women to celebrate their unique beauty


Raffinée Beauty envisions a world where every individual discovers their unique beauty effortlessly. Through our thoughtfully crafted cosmetics, we aspire to ignite confidence, celebrate diversity, and redefine elegance. where minimal beauty is an expression of self-love, and each product tells a story of timeless sophistication. With Raffinée every reflection is a masterpiece.

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