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Raffinée Launch

Welcome to my first blog at Raffinée! I remember when I was a teenager, after school, I would rush to the computer shop to rent a PC and write on my blog about my day. I remember the feeling of goodness in writing. So you may ask, why raffinée? I chose the word "Raffinée" as a reminder to myself that challenges/ adversity do not define us but rather refine us. 4 years ago, I dreamed of having my own cosmetics brand. Being in a calumniating condition at that time, at one point I felt hopeless and stuck. However, my guts are saying there's another way and that inspires me to pursue it. What motivated me most was the fact that I was not alone. There are other women out there who strive to improve themselves, explore the greatness of the world and discover themselves. Starting a business is scary. It is true what they say that "A client will become a friend before a friend becomes a client." but my deepest motivation is to help entrepreneurs like me and make a difference. Literally two days before the launch. The goal is to have fun with people who believe in and support the cause of the venture and keep going! And if you are reading this, I am grateful to you!

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